About Hokkoku Bank

Hokkoku Bank is a regional financial institution centered in Ishikawa prefecture, on the Sea of Japan coast in central Honshu,
Japan's main island. The Bank's headquarters is in Kanazawa, the region's largest city. Its business is concentrated in the
prefectures of Ishikawa, Toyama, and Fukui, known collectively as Hokuriku. Hokkoku Bank branches cover this entire
region, complemented by offices in the major Japanese cities of Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya.
Hokkoku Bank was created by the merger of three Ishikawa prefecture banks in 1943, and has grown steadily ever since.
Today it is widely regarded as one of the most financially sound of Japan's 64 regional banks, with the closest ties to local
communities and residents.
Hokkoku Bank began handling foreign exchange business in 1961, it has continued to expand its
correspondent bank network and formed tie-ups with banks around the world. The Bank's overseas offices help our clients
track international financial trends and support their overseas activities.


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For A Brighter Future

  • Chapter 1Introduction

  • Chapter 2Economic Infrastructure of Ishikawa

  • Chapter 3Conductive Environment for the Development of Crastmanship Companies

  • Chapter 4The Proactive Hokkoku Bank