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As of October 1, 2021

Name of the Bank The Hokkoku Bank, Ltd.
Location of Headquarters Kanazawa City in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan
Foundation Date December 18,1943
Statutory Capital 26,673 million yen
Number of Employees 2,147(including business staff)
Number of Branches

105 Branches (including 1 overseas branch and 1 station)
9 Money plazas
3 overseas representative office (Shanghai,Bangkok,Ho Chi Minh City)

Rating for Long-term
Senior Debt
BBB+ (S&P), A+ (R&I)
Total Assets 5,524.5 billion yen
Loans 2,633.9 billion yen
Deposits (including NCD) 4,052.0 billion yen
Capital Adequacy Ratio 13.04% (Global Standard)
Consolidated Subsidiaries

The Hokkoku General Leasing Co.,Ltd. (leasing business)
The Hokkoku Credit Service Co.,Ltd. (credit card business)
The Hokkoku Credit Guarantee Co.,Ltd. (credit guarantee business)
The Hokkoku Management ,Ltd. (outsourcing business,electronic commerce business)

The Hokkoku Servicer ,Ltd. (debt collection business)
Digital Value Co, Ltd.(System development business)
The CC Innovation, Ltd.(consulting business)
The QR Investment, Ltd.(investment business)
The FD Advisory, Ltd.(investment advisory business)